< 0.3% THC

CBD buds with virtually no THC. Simple quality, nothing fancy.   Smaller buds, resinous and fragrant. These are hemp flowers produced in the EU.

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Resinous and spicy. Try these flowers, perhaps a  pleasant surprise is waiting. EU compliant flowers at < 0.3% THC. Good feedback coming in on these new budget flowers. Give them a try.

  • CBD buds produced in the EU.
  • Nice quality flowers at a good price.  Not top shelf quality.
  • Well trimmed,  surprisingly strong fragrance and pleasant looks.
  •  good value for money.

Lighter buds without  the heavy resins some Italian flower has.

Nice pistil color,  deep ambers and orange brown. Well matured plants. It can be imagined these were plump and sticky buds during flower.

Nice trichome development.  Some glass trichome  is visible but not too much, overall,  milky and amber trichomes dominate.

Our products are distributed for commercial, technical and industrial purposes.  The product is not intended to be consumed or inhaled.


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