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Hemp, CBD and Health

Can CBD have positive impacts on health?


Medical research suggests CBD is a wonder herb, assisting in both physical and non physical disorders. For example research suggests that epilepsy sufferers may find CBD beneficial : in keeping with this idea there is a noted rise in the number of parents using CBD to combat seizure disorders in children.


It has been suggested CBD is beneficial in protecting nerve cells from degenerative disorders and as such may help combat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. There has also been positive results in the field of Chrones disease.


Research is showing that CBD can help in severe and non severe alcohol (ethanol) related illnesses. Good news for the heavy drinkers.


It has been suggested the positive effects from CBD dosage can be seen in sufferers of severe and non severe mood disorders for example schizophrenia, bi polar and borderline (borderline personality disorder) There has been some positive results in aggression disorders.


Positive affects against cancers have been suggested and trial research specific to brain tumor have given exciting results. The curative properties and medicinal properties of this plant have been known for a very long time. It has certainly brought health and well-being to the life of Theresa May who has quietly profited from substantial shares (22%) in GM Pharmaceuticals the company with a stranglehold on the CBD market.


​This small paragraph is in no way intended to suggest or imply that any product in this shop will have or could have medicinal properties or any product may have or will have have positive medical effects. We just stock and sell good quality, high grade hemp. This small writing just reflects how many people in contemporary society now view CBD.