• Foaming_Scrub

    CBD Foaming Scrub


    This Vegan friendly foaming scrub is a  light nut brown color with a surprisingly fresh and zesty smell. They are made by hand in very small batches. This scrub can be used on the face and body.  Pop a bit in your hands with some water and rub it on your skin it will foam and bubble. Its slightly abrasive walnut texture makes it great for gentle exfoliation.  It can be used once a week on the face but it’s not recommended to exfoliate the face more than twice a week. It can be safely used on the body every other day.  Indulge the skin you’re in.


  • Mint

    CBD Mint Salve


    This salve contains Mint and CBD.  The fragrance is herbal and delicate with a note of black tea. It is a pleasant light mint color and a versatile all rounder. Suitable for the face and body.

    Our range of skin love and body love products are designed to be kind. There is NO animal testing and these products are gentle to the environment.

  • Sale!

    CBG Soaps

    Happy Bars

    These delightful soaps,  make showering and bathing fun. Bursting with colors and fragrance,   these little bathroom helpers are hard to ignore. Premium organic ingredients cleanse our gorgeous bodies,  while  delicate oils smooth and restore our delicious skin.   These happy soaps come in either red or green-  choose your color.

    Kind to You and the Environment

    These bars are 100% Biodegradable.  Soft on you and the environment,  made from 100% organic products that are sustainable and naturally degrade.  We suggest these are the only CBG soaps in Germany which we think is kinda fun.  Please enjoy.

    Size: approximately  8cm x 5.5cm x 2cm,  Vegan, Biodegradeable, No palm oil.

    Contents: include large amounts of dedication and a whole bunch of love.  In keeping with products that are handmade there may be minor flaws and irregularities. We thank you for your understanding

    Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Laurate, Disodium Lauryl, Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Stearate, MCT, Cannabidiol, 200 mg CBG(Cannabigerol).


  • Cleansing_Balm

    Cleansing Balm


    External use only.

    All purpose skin cream,  makeup remover, heavy duty moisturiser and muscle rub.

    Makeup removal: take a small amount  – depending upon how much makeup is to be removed – rub the cleanser in circles all over the face until clean then remove with a face cloth.

  • Skin luv CBG


    Playful little soaps with bees and flowers. Very cute and charming. These are handmade and may contain minor imperfections.  They contain 200mg of CBG per bar.

  • CBG Soaps


    These little soaps looks SO yummy but please don’t take a bite!   Welcome to our cute CBG bars in the shape of a donut.

    Pleasing scents and happy colors remind us showering and bathing is fun. These bars contain herbal oils to gently soften and relax the skin while generous helpings of CBG are a nourishing  addition to any beauty routine.

    Kind to you and soft on the environment: bathe in peace knowing these products are 100% bio degradable.

    Welcome to our small world of body cleaning where products are made by humans for humans. Love the skin you’re in.

    No animal and no environment has been hurt in the making and testing of these products.

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