• Bruce Banner CBD Flowers

    High and balanced CBD levels

    Gentle Bruce Banner is quickly overtaken by his alter ego  –   ‘The Hulk’.  A  powerful superhero with lizard green skin,  The Hulk is unstoppable.  There is no need for concern,  this flower won’t make your body grow large nor will your skin turn  green,  its hidden strengths may surprise however.

    Potent Buds

    Excellent quality indoor Swiss buds exhibiting stronger Sativa qualities in a 60/40 ratio.  With it’s pleasant lighter green presentation,   Bruce Banner produces some of the most potent CBD buds available.


    Our  Bruce Banner genetic is a Swiss hybrid showing all the qualities of this legendary strain. A mild sweetness from the Strawberry Diesel and reminders of the OG Kush bring this genetic to life.  Contemporary Bruce Banner strains, created for the CBD market have very high CBD levels and well balanced effects.

    With a massive reputation and an army of followers Bruce Banner is indeed a CBD superhero.

    This flower does not contain  THC *

  • Cali Haze CBD Flower

    Indoor Swiss

    Beautiful presentation,  rich in terpenes and smothered in milky and amber chrystals:  a Swiss gem.


    Complex,  well balanced and nicely mixed,   the fragrance is delicate: stimulating  and refreshing like an ice sorbet.   Notes of sharp citrus,  soft nut and cookies,   this is high quality CBD flower.


    Compact flowers,   coated in small crystal like a thin white sheet. Pistils in a mango color, push their way to the surface of this lovely Sativa.  Lively and spirited,  this is a great addition to our range of high end buds.   We welcome your feedback.


    The buds range in sizes,   some are smaller and some are large.  All have that great Cali style trim job –  super close and no excess leaf. We’ve got a good deal with the the growers recently,  so we can get the prices a bit lower.

  • Skywalker OG


    There is a land high above us,  higher than the clouds and higher than the birds can reach. If you journey here you  will meet the Cannabis superchild Skywalker. Some people make short visits to this land to draw and paint. Other people journey here alone to meditate. We can begin your journey when you are ready.  What is your reason for coming ?

    Spicy and nutty

    Our Skywalker OG shows strong Sativa qualities. The smell is spicy, fruity and nutty, with milky and clear trichomes. This flower is very high in CBD and one of our personal favourites.


    This is a cross of Skywalker and another cannabis legend,   OG Kush.   These genetics were first crossed in America. This crossing resulted in Skywalker OG, whose distinct qualities quickly found success in the US. This flower has established itself as a CBD powerhouse internationally and has become a European favorite.


    With stable humidity and warm conditions,  the buds from Skywalker OG become rich in CBD,  beautifully colored and fragrant. These flowers are from an indoor farm in Switzerland,  who grow the Skywalker strain only. They say practice makes perfect.  Please enjoy.


  • AK47 CBD flower / 10g – 35€


    Cheaper good quality buds?  Check it out at fritz-cbd.com

    Budget Range

    Stardawg and AK47 – grown in Italy,  processed in Switzerland  and sold in Germany –   true internationals.  These buds have a great structure and good CBD content but aren’t top shelf flowers.

    Greenhouse grown under the warm Mediterranean sun,  the CBD content ranges from 6 – 10%.

    Our plump little buds are versatile all rounders for either day or night time use.  With that said the AK might be more of a night-time variety and the Stardawg,   showing fuller Sativa qualities,  is a good day time strain.


    Nice in the fingers,  fat and spongy with a good presence of crystal and a delicate pleasing fragrance.   They are organically grown and very clean.  The Stardawg is a little greener and the AK a little darker. The pictures show a nice structure,  without excess leaf or stick. Nice chubby little buds.

    Great Cali style trim job,  tight with nicely exposed pistils in the green expanse of bud. Again these flowers are grown with minimum nutrient loading for higher purity.

    AK 47 CBD Content:  8 – 9 %,  THC  < 0.2 % .

    Grown in Italy from seed in the  European catalogue of approved hemp varieties.

    These products do not contain THC.*

  • Cookies Girl Scout CBD Flower


    Description:  Vigorous indoor buds in all shapes and sizes:  elongated,  slender Sativa flowers,  mixed together with plump and rounded bulbs.  Ripe red hairs,  abundant glassy trichomes –  all beautifully cured.  Strong calyx developement on these well ripened buds,  which show occasional hints of purple coloring. Great bag appeal.

    Smell: Complex fragrances in a delightful robust mix:  sharp citrus and softer notes of sorbet,  crushed nut and spice. It’s lively fragrances,  quickly offer a hint of citrus which is just as quickly replaced by a hint of nut.  Elegant,  powerful and pinene based with complex undertones.

    We’ve added a few extra pictures to show the diversity of bud shape and size.  Strong calyx development,  a genetic feature of this phenotype.  This is a hybrid with an Indica dominance.

  • Lemon Haze CBD flowers


    Description:  This flower is an indoor grown flower with an elegant structure. The fragrance is unusualy strong,  with rounded citrus notes and pungent lemon. There is no terpene enrichment,  this is simply a well grown plant.

    Orange and chocolate pistils appear through the flower and there is nice crystal development showing  milky white and occasional amber coloration. No bells, no whistles, this is a very good example of what a lemon strain can do when it’s grown properly. This is high quality natural herb.

    Growing notes:  Growing indoors,  the lights above the plants can be made less intense and the room temperature can be made  pleasant,  not too hot not too cold. The plants can slowly and gently mature when conditions are not harsh. This slower and more constant growth gives the plant time to do its job : it helps the lemon  becomes more lemony for example.

    Genetics:  This is a Sativa dominant strain made by crossing Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.
    Renowned for its strong Lemon zest fragrance,  buds can sometimes have a nice soft lemony tint or color to them,  which adds that finishing touch.

  • Orange Cookies CBD flower


    Description:  Plump buds,  with a frosting of smaller orange hairs.

    Orange hues,  and  generous fragrances of citrus and nut,  energise this attractive bud.  Sweet and nutty with nice cookie notes. This is another hybrid originating in the States,  with a stronger Sativa leaning.  This genetic  comes with awesome parents:   Girl Scout Cookies +  Orange Juice ( OG Kush cross). She’s a citrus – wild child.

    These modern CBD strains are crossed and bred to increase CBD values and eliminate THC.

    Overview:  These indoor flowers which are arriving in the shop now,    have been grown over the cooler winter months.   Even though indoor facilities are climate controlled,  some growers say in winter months,  indoor farms are more manageable with less temperature fluctuations.  Their opinion is that the buds produced during the winter months are of excellent quality,  with richer terpene profiles and heavier trichome production.

    These products do not contain THC.

  • White Widow CBD flower


    Indoor:  Powerful bulbs full of Swiss vitality.  Packed with milky,  hazy trichomes and rich mango colored pistils,  it’s a potent and energetic Sativa.

    Smell: Sweet,  powerful nut fragrances,  restrained sorbets and notes of cheesecake mixed with humulene and pinene.   Light green,  slender bulbs,  Sativa- dominant.

    As with all of our flowers the White Widow is very high in natural CBD.  We don’t spray isolates on our buds to enrich the  CBD.  In conclusion this is a powerful Sativa with a creative edge.  We look forward to your feedback.

    Our products do not contain THC.*

  • Mango Tonic CBD flowers

    Full Ripe buds

    Plums, pears and rich mango notes squeezed together in a lush combination. Monster fruity smells,  tropical fragrances and full ripe buds. If that’s sounding pretty good – then this one’s for you!

    Terpene rich and smeared with crystals – this is a  .02 rocket. Powerful and relaxing, clear and focused – this is a big Sativa with a lot of personality.

    Lineage / Genetics

    The Mango strains have been around since the 1960’s. Definitely old school genetics. The plant is tough and hardy and ideal for greenhouse growing.  In the last 3 – 4 weeks of flowering the buds becoming big and round like melons and so heavy they can snap under their own weight if not tied up or supported.

    These new Mango strains,  preserve the best of the old while adding a touch of the new.  Delightful fruit and Mango notes from yesterday,  heavy in CBD for the markets of today.   

    This flower does not contain THC *.


  • OG Kush

    Firm Indica buds full of yummy  Fragrance

    This is a lovely Swiss flower. The smell is strong but delicate. Powerful fragrances,  cheesecake, pavlova and scoops of ice cream.  Firm, pliable and nicely shaped buds. The effects are peaceful and calming, an Indica dominant hybrid. For the flavour chaser and Indica lover.


    OG Kush has a big reputation in the USA – old school, high quality and one of Snoops favourites. OG Kush,  the name says it all:  OG – Original Gangsta.

    This flower does not contain  THC *.

  • Wedding Cake CBD Flowers


    Calming and mellow. Suitable for a relaxing night with a special friend, slow dancing or discussing life’s gentle mysteries.

    This strain is said to produce heavy white crystal like icing from a wedding cake.  These flowers have heavy crystals, it is true, is thick and white like wedding cake?  Perhaps a little exaggeration.

    It’s a sativa dominant pearl,  versatile option for either night or day time –  a ’round the clock strain’.  At Loose Leaf you can try the cake –  without dancing at the wedding

  • Fruit Cake Tonic CBD Flower


    Description:  Resinous buds.  Fat with terpenes,  fat with trichomes and fat with pistils.  This is a big Italian.

    Lush buds squeezed like small fruity pies. A darker kush hybrid,  with an indica leaning.  This flower is plump,  tacky and fruity. The color is darker green and tones of brown.

    Smell: Complex mix of  cheesecake,  sorbet and hints of nut. Sharp lemons and citrus,  but not a lemon strain.  Bold terpene without enhancement,  just a nicely grown flower.

    Italian  glasshouse flower:   These flowers are ripened under the Mediterranean sun and supplemental lighting in the greenhouse ensures a constant source of light.

    Glasshouse range:  This new range of Italian flower has the darker buds sometimes  associated with Glasshouse flowers.  They offer lush,   fruity fragrances and complex terpene profiles.  The lower price reflects lower production costs,  not lower flower quality. Try them and have a pleasant surprise.

    These flowers do not contain THC *



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