Gorilla Glue – CBD


Berlin style

Welcome to the Jungle – Berlin style. Here the Great Apes wear Nike and Rolex. Tarzan’s disappeared and Jane’s waiting tables at Lucky’s Bar.

Do you have a movie night planned on the weekend or a gaming session planned with your mates ?  Bring Gorilla Glue. He won’t disappoint you.  This isn’t your normal –  hairy armed chimp – there’s no Monkey Madness here.  This guy plans all his moves –  he is focused, calm and clear. These are the qualities of Gorilla Glue, this is how he rolls.

Monkey jokes are funny and can make us smile. But let’s be serious for a moment. This is an awesome looking flower covered in clear  glassy trichomes and has a Haze look to it.  It’s a Sativa – Hybrid ‘bombshell’ from Switzerland.

Growing Notes

Cannabis plants can be hermaphrodites.  This Gorilla Glue plant is very temperamental and will quickly change sex from female to male when flowering if conditions are stressful. Stressful conditions can be caused by many things,  too much sun on the plant,  very cold weather or even insects eating the leaves.  This genetic is particulalry suited to indoor growing where factors causing stress can be controlled.

Lineage / Genetics

Another incredibly popular strain originating  from USA,  combining  the strains Chem Sister,  Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.  Surprisingly,  it is not named after a hairy monkey,  it is named after a glue (Gorilla Glue) which was tremendously sticky and  powerful. Presumably the buds were considered resinous and sticky just like the glue.  The unhappy glue manufacturers opened a court case for using their name without asking.

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All of our flowers are organic. Full of natural flavors and fragrances, they are carefully processed to ensure that delicate botanicals are not damaged. Unwanted plant substances are not removed chemically. These delicious buds are made by small organic hemp farmers right here in Europe.  Tested multiple times to make sure they are free of all toxins: heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. These flowers are naturally high in CBD and low in THC. Not chemically washed.

Our buds are produced by small scale growers and Cannabis Cup winners.

*  < 0.2% THC

Weight 3 g