OG KUSH CBD new arrival


Delicious Indica Buds with low THC.

This is a beautiful CBD flower with a delicate persistent fragrance.  Notes of sharp citrus,  hints of cheesecake and ice cream all in a pleasant mix. Firm and beautifully formed-  this calming hybrid  goes well with nice conversation and good company.

Original Gangsta The OG Kush

OG Kush is an Old School,  big impact cannabis strain that turned America upside down. The name  OG – ‘Original Gangsta’ says it all.

From rags to riches – OG Kush became an instant success.   Welcomed by the rappers, gangsters and super rich alike, popular with the US armed forces,  it was everyone’s favourite.  OG Kush established itself as a Cannabis  ‘Boss’ early in the 90’s and remains to this day an American shot-caller.

Modern CBD Strains

Above,  we pay tribute to a marijuana strain, much different to the modern CBD strain.   Or is it?    The modern OG Kush strains are made by crossing an original OG Kush with  a pure CBD plant,   mixing together the  genetics and  blood lines of both.  These modern CBD strains are virtually THC free, but do they retain the amazing  qualities of the original OG Kush,  flavours and aroma?  You be the judge.

Strain Review from Humboldt Seeds

If we are looking for opinions about the  OG  here is a recent review:  ‘We can unequivocally declare that OG Kush is the most famous strain and maybe the biggest name in the cannabis business today. ‘ ( Humboldt Seeds, OG Kush strain )

  • Indica Dominant
  • < 0.2% THC
  • Cannabis Sativa L / European industrial hemp
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Gentle reminder

CBD products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. CBD products are not medications.


Flowers without THC

You will find some of Europe’s finest hemp. Right here! 

Welcome to our mouth watering selection of CBD flowers.  Big monster tubers, small delicious buds in all colors and sizes. Organically grown and eco friendly. 

Amazing buds

It’s not so easy to grow the good flowers, the ones that make your eyes shine a little brighter.

It takes extra care, extra time and a lot of extra love. When you see the quality of these buds up close, the pleasant fragrance, the crystals glittering inside,  we think you will agree –  it’s all here. 


Whatever it takes

We drive from one side of Europe to the other. We wait in the rain. We stand in the mud.  We do whatever we need to get the best flowers we possibly can. And when that job’s finished, we do it all again.

Welcome to Loose Leaf, it’s true we are a little obsessed by CBD!