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Earthy and sour notes. Some will love this one and some won’t. Don’t be put off by the low price,  give them a try.

  • < 0.3% THC EU compliant
  • High CBD  minimal THC
  • Produced in Southern Italy
  • Bio grown
  • Glasshouse production with supplemental lighting
  • Good quality not top shelf


All close up images are taken from this Amnesia CBD  flower.  Super close up images help understand the flower development and level of flower maturity. The close ups show plenty of milky, cloudy trichomes as well as amber trichomes. In general,  amber trichomes indicate well ripened flowers and sometimes overripe flowers.

Well ripened and exaggerated flower maturity sometimes offers a sweetness and smoothness to finished buds. Flowers used for producing hash are sometimes left on the plant to over ripen,  creating stickier textures and deeper colors in the finished hash.

In THC flowers trichomes start off glassy or clear,  then develop further and become a milky white or cloudy color and finally become an amber color as the flower matures further. In THC rich plants,  flowers which have matured and show many amber trichomes are said to offer the familiar ‘ couchlock’ experience,  potent sedative effects which some people value.

THC heavy flowers with milky white trichomes,   are said to offer a more ‘cerebral’ and creative experience which some people prefer. Most growers harvest when their plants are showing 70 – 80% cloudy,  milky trichomes, this is the ‘sweetspot’.

With CBD buds trichomes also move towards an amber color as they mature,   a signal that CBD cannabinoids are degrading and developing a stronger CBN profile. CBN has beneficial properties some people value.

Finding out the colors of a trichome and what levels of maturity trichomes were at when the flower was harvested,  is interesting and helps predict the buds effect, ….creative,  couchlock etc. The Internet holds a vast pool of information for people wishing to explore this further.


Trichomes are the little stalks or tubes with a ball on the end,  that look similar to little mushrooms. The trichome ball is like a small sack filled with CBD  oils and resins.  There’s a whole world on the bud surface with a whole story to tell. Check it out.


As always,  your feedback is wanted. If you think the buds are great tell us why,  if you think they are bad,  tell us why.  Good feedback and bad feedback helps us to find Europes best buds.


Possible uses, hand lotions, herbal teas and beverages, to name a  few. An Internet search will show many possible uses for hemp buds.

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