CBD buds with virtually no THC. Simple quality, nothing fancy.   Smaller buds, resinous and fragrant. These are hemp flowers produced in the EU.

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 CBD Buds with minimal THC.

  • < 0.3% THC EU  compliant
  • Italian produced Sicily regions
  • Glasshouse grown with supplemental lighting
  • Strong citrus fragrance
  • Resinous and sticky
  • Cloudy, milky white trichomes, with some amber and clear trichomes visible
  • Pistils – nicely matured amber colors
  • Smaller sized buds
  • Quality is good not top shelf
  • Clean and carefully grown using organic and bio nutrients

Close Up Image

Some super close up images of the bud surface.  Two pictures of pistil color show good colors. Trichomes are 70% milky white. CBD bud and THC bud are generally havested when the majority of trichomes, 70 – 80%,  have turned from glassy to a cloudy milky white.  Buds with too many amber trichomes aren’t generally wanted. Too many clear trichomes suggest the buds are immature,  too many deep ambers, suggests harvest was late which affects cannabinoid quality.

Trichomes are the little stalks or tubes with a ball on the end,  similar to little mushrooms. The trichome ball is like a small sack filled with CBD  oils and resins.  There’s a whole new world on the bud surface with a whole story to tell. Check it out.

As always,  your feedback is wanted. If you think the buds are great tell us why,  if you think they are bad,  tell us why.  Good feedback and bad feedback helps us find the best buds in Europe.

Possible uses, hand lotions, herbal teas and beverages, to name a  few. An Internet search will show many possible uses for hemp buds.

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