Been Busted. Legal Problems?

We have the contact details of ( German) lawyers who focus on marijuana and CBD issues. If you have a legal problem they may be of help.

If you have used a lawyer for CBD or weed related issues and the lawyer was very good, send us their contact details and we will add their name to the list.

Lawrence Desnizza. If you are a Berliner with a CBD problem and need legal help, we’ve heard very good feedback about this lawyer. Berlin based his contact details are available online.

Julia Seestädt. Boutique law firm committed to Cannabis reform and cannabis related issues. Got a legal problem with Marijuana, HHC or CBD – she’s active in these fields. Hamburg based. @Cannabiskanzlei

Lito Schulte. A lawyer from Düsseldorf committed to weed reform. Highly visible on most social media platforms including youtube and instagram. Hosts a channel on telegram for info exchange on medical marijuana, CBD and legalisation of weed in Germany. Represents people with legal issues for weed, HHC, CBD. For more info see Instagram @Litolaw

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