CBD flower in Germany? What’s going on?

A hiccup in the EU strategy begins. Germany drags its citizens through the courts for doing exactly what other EU citizens are allowed to do. A person in Spain grows wealthy selling CBD flower, a person in Germany spends years in court. The French citizen opens a shop selling CBD flower,   the person in Germany is arrested at gunpoint. In Italy CBD creates opportunities, in Germany – violent police confrontations. In Poland CBD shops start at the German border, in Germany CBD shops are raided by police.

This is not what the EU promised.

The EU was one of the largest ideas this century cooked up, a shared market across 25 or more countries each country with different economies, monies, aspirations and languages. A pretty wild idea, the skeptics said it couldn’t work – not a chance of it working with all these different nationalities packed on one bus travelling together to an unknown destination. But the pioneers soldiered on with visions of a golden future and prosperity, harmonious good times all rolled into one. All the countries riding one bus with a shared vision…

A stronger interrelated Europe would begin, with sunlit bright economies working together. Well that was the plan. Is Germany still in the European Union or did it quietly leave? Germany has banned the sale of CBD flowers without consulting the EU or the other EU countries who are selling them. My little book of EU rules says is not allowed to do that. Germany agreed to be part of a shared market but it’s refusing to share.

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