CBD HASH LEBANESE CREME 23% Germany Loose Leaf


Sweet and  Fruity

We are pleased to include a fine Lebanese Styled hash in our collection of Legal CBD products.  Heavy olive coloring and resinous in the fingers,  indeed this CBD solid has great appeal. Significant levels of CBD are contained in this product without the inclusion of THC.  This is made possible through the slow and careful drying down of the flowering tops.


The fragrance and color are so nicely balanced: delicious fruity smells and ripe olive tones make a delightful combination. It’s an unusually pretty hash on many levels.

Burgers in New York

People say it’s easier to find hash in Lebanon than a burger in New York.  These ancient lands,  steeped in history,  are now delighting the senses of the modern hash connoisseur.

Hard Conditions

The original Lebanese Hash after which ours is styled,  is grown in strong sunlight and at times unpleasant conditions. Harsh sunlight of the Middle East, force the small delicate buds of the Cannabis Plants to mature quickly pushing out thousands of glassy trichomes,   one then another. The trichomes quickly begin to produce thick protective resins,  like sunscreens,  to block the blinding rays of the sun.  Oils begin to flow, soothing the flower surface of damage.  The cannabis plants have coated themselves in deliberately thick resins,  to protect against these harsh conditions. And so it is a legend is born- these thick protective resins are used to produce,  an exceptionally fine and potent hash.

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Gentle reminder

CBD products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. CBD products are not medications.


Keep  CBD hash products stored at normal room temperatures ( 15 – 20 C ) in a  dry location away from light.   Make sure they are wrapped and well sealed in an airtight container. Do not expose to air for long periods of time  or they will loose quality.

  • Independantly tested
  • contains 0.06% THC
  • Grown and produced in Italy.
Weight 3 g