Skywalker OG


There is a land high above us,  higher than the clouds and higher than the birds can reach. If you journey here you  will meet the Cannabis superchild Skywalker. Some people make short visits to this land to draw and paint. Other people journey here alone to meditate. We can begin your journey when you are ready.  What is your reason for coming ?

Spicy and nutty

Our Skywalker OG shows strong Sativa qualities. The smell is spicy, fruity and nutty, with milky and clear trichomes. This flower is very high in CBD and one of our personal favourites.


This is a cross of Skywalker and another cannabis legend,   OG Kush.   These genetics were first crossed in America. This crossing resulted in Skywalker OG, whose distinct qualities quickly found success in the US. This flower has established itself as a CBD powerhouse internationally and has become a European favorite.


With stable humidity and warm conditions,  the buds from Skywalker OG become rich in CBD,  beautifully colored and fragrant. These flowers are from an indoor farm in Switzerland,  who grow the Skywalker strain only. They say practice makes perfect.  Please enjoy.


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Gentle reminder

CBD products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. CBD products are not medications.


Tested multiple times during the stages of production means  these flowers arrive to you  clean and fresh.   Organically grown,  free from contaminants heavy metals,  pesticides and herbicides.  These  delicious buds are grown right here in Europe by small scale farmers and Cannabis Cup winners.   These flowers are naturally high in CBD and low in THC.  Not chemically washed to lower THC values.


Orders are packed into bubble envelopes.  Bubble envelopes are our preferred method of packaging  as they move quickly through the postal system and fit directly into letterboxes.  Cardboard boxes  occasionally go missing.  Flower is put into small plastic bags (baggies) and not glass jars to minimise packaging.   Safe delivery is a priority,  packages are heat sealed,  discrete and unlabelled.


We generally ship orders the day it’s paid for.  For German deliveries we use Deutsch Post  ‘Prio’ or Deutsch Post ‘ Einschreiben’ which requires a signature .  Both have tracking numbers available. Larger orders are sent with GLS, Hermes or Deutsch Post.  Deliveries within Germany from 1 – 3 days in general.

See page FAQ for more information on shipping and deliveries.
Weight 3 g

Flowers without THC

You will find some of Europe’s finest hemp. Right here! 

Welcome to our mouth watering selection of CBD flowers.  Big monster tubers, small delicious buds in all colors and sizes. Organically grown and eco friendly. 

Amazing buds

It’s not so easy to grow the good flowers, the ones that make your eyes shine a little brighter.

It takes extra care, extra time and a lot of extra love. When you see the quality of these buds up close, the pleasant fragrance, the crystals glittering inside,  we think you will agree –  it’s all here. 


Whatever it takes

We drive from one side of Europe to the other. We wait in the rain. We stand in the mud.  We do whatever we need to get the best flowers we possibly can. And when that job’s finished, we do it all again.

Welcome to Loose Leaf, it’s true we are a little obsessed by CBD!