Lemon Haze

Good bud structure with orange – chocolate pistils. Lovely deep lemon fragrance and rounded citrus notes. Pretty development of chrystals and lots of them.  The bud is high quality – indoor, Swiss and bio.

We like it simple – no  added fragrance no added cbd. When it smells like a lemon, it’s lemon.

55/45 sativa – indica.



Lemon Haze

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Our flowers are full of natural flavours and aromas and carefully processed to make sure delicate plant compounds are not damaged. These flowers are naturally high in CBD and low in THC. Repeat testing through all stages of production ensures buds of the highest quality and purity.  We work with small scale farmers who produce some of Europe’s best hemp.

Organic. Free from heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, herbicides. CBD levels are not raised post production. No added terpene. Naturally low THC. Not chemically rinsed or washed. Non GMO.

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