Ice Hash CBD


This is an organic hemp solid with a big 27% natural CBD content.

Clean and carefully grown,  this comes with a big reputation.

Ice Hash

This is a traditional solid, sometimes called bubble or ice hash. With good production techniques high CBD and low THC values ​​can be achieved. This is all natural with no CBD powder added.

Organic hemp.

The hemp used to make this solid is clean grown with no chemicals and just the right amounts of nutrient. When a plant is fed excess nutrient or too many chemicals for whatever reason –  the plant doesnt know what to do with them and stores them in it’s flower.  Even when the flower is harvested the chemicals are still there.  Build up of any substances,  even organic ones is not healthy.   Minimal use of chemical and nutrient used when the plant is growing stops this from happening.


This hash was given a high rating  by a CBD sommelier who judges for European Cannabis Cups.   There are wine sommeliers,  olive oil sommeliers and yes,  CBD sommeliers also.  Here you can try the same solid and decide if the judge was right –  or wrong.  It’s just a bit of fun but kind of interesting.


Firm and strong,  hard to bend like a toffee but not brittle.  Noticeable fragrance of spice and pepper with after notes of pinene and citrus.

This also contains minor cannabinoids including: CBDV, CBDA CBGA, CBC

Approximately 27% CBD, < 0.2% THC. Cold CO2 extracted. Italian hemp organic grown. Mononutrient feeding cycle.

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