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Casarecce is a homely pasta from Italy’s vibrant South..  This quietly famous noodle was born in Sicily,  but quickly became a favourite in the neighbouring regions.  Sauces,  rich in color and flavour, made from effortlessly  combined ingredients,  remind us why Italian cuisine is perhaps the world’s favourite.

let’s get saucy:

Perhaps a super tasty sauce, Siciliana.   This colorful, simple sauce, packed with traditional Mediterranean herbs and love,   is a delightful treat for all noodle lovers.  However, it”s understood by everyone,  both old and young,  that one bowl will never be enough. Mama Mia!

Bronze Drawn

Stone Ground

Ancient Grain

Slow Dried


Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour,
Saragolla Turchesco durum wheat flour,

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Hemp Pasta. Bronze drawn from Italy.

Slow dried, bronze drawn pasta is guaranteed to turn the head of all noodle lovers. Its delightfully rough and scruffy surface is the trademark of the master noodle maker.

Made from ancient grain varieties dating back to 6000 BC and earlier. No modification of these grains by nasty DNA manipulation. These varieties remain untouched and packed with nutrition. Are these prehistoric grains a richer and more robust energy source. You be the judge!

Stone Ground flower is a traditional style of milling between stone. This technique produces a more intact flour with a courser grain particle. There is more to stone ground flour than a pleasing texture. The flavour itself is considered broader and fuller and more widely appreciated. This craft produced flour, is seen as a contrast to the somewhat soulless flours of the corporate mills.

To produce the highest quality pasta, makers will dry the pasta slowly and gently. This process of slow drying produces a pasta with an irregular, rougher surface that more readily absorbs the sauce.

The hemp flour provides the distinct flavour and green color. A pleasant alternative to the much loved flavours and colors of traditional pasta.


Since the dawn of time

Rituale und Medizin

Welcome to our section of CBD edibles and hemp based products – chocolates, cookies, bon bons, teas……. All 100% natural and organic ingredients, sustainably sourced and gently farmed. We won’t save the world with our ‚eco edibles ‚ – but we can help a little, one cookie at a time.

In sacred rituals, and medical preparations, cannabis has been ingested since the dawn of time. We are pleased to offer this small range of hemp edibles and products for your pleasure. These products do not contain THC. (< 0.2%)

All the benefits of the plant are retained in our products

There are a hundred ways to extract CBD from a plant. Some methods are good, some bad and some positively dangerous. The CBD in these edibles has been extracted using Co2 and gentle extraction processes so all the plant goodness remains in our products.

Does it take long to work?

Edibles can work within 30 minutes or they can take an hour or two, there is no set time. Be a little patient and don’t take more. Find a comfortable spot, relax and enjoy the process.