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Harle – Tsu / CBD flowers


Melon fragrances indoor grown

This is a super looking CBD bud with a layer of fine sugar crystal making it immediately interesting. Similar in some ways to our Skywalker, yet also much different, this is a potent Sativa hot dog, hold the ketchup.

The fragrance is strong, but not candy or cookie based. It’s a deep ripe melon, with notes of spice and pinene. The smell is both fresh and unusual. Buds are smaller and medium sized.

These products do not contain THC *

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Gentle reminder

CBD products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. CBD products are not medications.

Growing Notes

This flower is a nice colour, lighter pastel green. The crystal coating on the bud is fine but thick. When it’s very cold outside and beautifully warm inside, flowers from controlled environments sometimes produce this color of flower and style of crystal. It can happen that plants in summer months produce crystal like this also but it’s much less common.

Lineage / Genetics

Harle – Tsu is a cross of the strain Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, developed in Cali by the seed company Humboldt. This strain is rich in CBD and low in THC originally made for the US medical market. Feel free to research this strain, it is interesting and we only mention basic information here.

Harle – Tsu is an Indica dominant strain, 60/40, but the Sativa influence is noticeable in our phenotype. It’s a popular flower we’ve often been asked for.


All of our flowers are organic. Full of natural flavors and fragrances, they are carefully processed to ensure that delicate botanicals are not damaged. Unwanted plant substances are not removed chemically. These delicious buds are made by small organic hemp farmers right here in Europe.

Tested multiple times to make sure they are free of all toxins: heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. These flowers are naturally high in CBD and low in THC. Not chemically washed.

Our flowers are produced by small scale growers and Cannabis Cup winners.

* (<0.2% THC)

Weight 3 g

Flowers without THC

You will find some of Europe’s finest hemp. Right here! 

Welcome to our mouth watering selection of CBD flowers.  Big monster tubers, small delicious buds in all colors and sizes. Organically grown and eco friendly. 

Amazing buds

It’s not so easy to grow the good flowers, the ones that make your eyes shine a little brighter.

It takes extra care, extra time and a lot of extra love. When you see the quality of these buds up close, the pleasant fragrance, the crystals glittering inside,  we think you will agree –  it’s all here. 


Whatever it takes

We drive from one side of Europe to the other. We wait in the rain. We stand in the mud.  We do whatever we need to get the best flowers we possibly can. And when that job’s finished, we do it all again.

Welcome to Loose Leaf, it’s true we are a little obsessed by CBD!