CBD Gorilla Glue Hash 22%


Harder and  brittle texture

This is unusually hard and  brittle hash, similar to a softer toffee. It has a sharp, spicey smell –  like a French pine forest on a warmer day.   The effects are a nice mix between Sativa and Indica, neither one overpowering the other.  This is a well  balanced CBD solid,   clear and peaceful.

Delightful and surprising

Cold pressed to preserve delicate compounds  –  dark and resinous in color – the hard texture and strong smell will be a delight to some and a surprise to others.  This is not pliable like a traditional solid,  perhaps small amounts of rosin are present.  There are some new styles of CBD solids emerging,   the textures and fragrances different to what we expect and seeming unusual at first.

We have found it difficult to get good solids at <  0.2 % THC.  We will continue  to look and present a  more complete range at a later date.

This solid contains minor cannabinoids including: CBDV, CBDA CBGA, CBC

22% CBD, < 0.2% THC. Cold pressed CO2 extracted. Italian hemp organic grown. Mononutrient feeding cycle.

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Organic hemp.

The hemp used to make this solid is clean grown with no chemicals and just the right amounts of nutrient. Plants store excess nutrient and chemicals in their flower and it stays even after harvest. Minimal use of chemical and nutrient stops this.

Weight 3 g