Indoor Buds

Quality indoor bud from our Swiss friends.  Fire red hairs,  great bud structure and nice  oil content.  When you squeeze the bud between your fingers,  it  leaves a  nice sticky trace.  Well cured with a good oil content but not too  gummy and  sticky.

Sativa 65 / 35

Good Sativa qualities and feedback suggests it’s  a nice daytime strain.  Occasional sugar leaves on this bud,  but the trim is excellent,   with no visible trauma to the bud surface. We are once again moving into the quality buds with this genetic. The picture is accurate and shows the development of the bud.  Good pistills,   good calyx development and plentiful crystal.

Whats This CBD Stuff Then ?

Cannabinoids and CBD  are not new.  We have cannabinoids in our body right now,   performing millions of small tasks we aren’t even aware of.  The human body makes human cannabinoids and  plants also make plant cannabinoids ( CBD).  Dogs,  sheep,  lizards and sharks all have cannabinoids,  there’s nothing unusual about them.  Breast milk in humans is particularly rich in cannabinoids,  passed to the child during feeding.

Cannabinoids are super important little things that regulate our bodies and keep them functioning properly. Like little postmen who send letters from the body to the brain, cannabinoids send tiny scraps of information that tell the brain what’s happening in the body. Recently, it has been shown that cannabinoids made by plants can be used by the human body. This is new and exciting information that we did not know before.

If the  body can’t produce enough cannabinoids,  for whatever reason,  CBD  from plants can be used as a supplement. We know the endocrine system is a vital  communication link between the body and the brain and CBD can help it run smoothly.  Hemp flower is rich in full spectrum CBD.

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Gentle reminder

CBD products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. CBD products are not medications.


Tested multiple times during the various stages of production means these flowers arrive to you clean and fresh. Organically grown, free from contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. These delicious buds are grown right here in Europe by small scale farmers and Cannabis Cup winners. These flowers are naturally high in CBD and low in THC. Not chemically washed to lower THC values.


Orders are packed into bubble envelopes. Bubble envelopes are our preferred method of packaging as they move quickly through the postal system and fit directly into letterboxes. Cardboard boxes occasionally go missing. Flower is put into small plastic bags (baggies) and not glass jars to minimize packaging. Safe delivery is a priority, packages are heat sealed, discrete and unlabelled.


We generally ship orders the day it’s paid for.  For German deliveries we use Deutsch Post  ‘Prio’ or Deutsch Post ‘ Einschreiben’ which requires a signature .  Both have tracking numbers available. Larger orders are sent with GLS, Hermes or Deutsch Post.  Deliveries within Germany from 1 – 3 days in general.

See page FAQ for more information on shipping and deliveries.



Our CBD flowers are ideal for the preparation of  delicious hemp teas and herbal tea infusions. Warm in winter and ice cold in summer.


The purity of our hemp flower makes it ideal for commercial and industrial uses including but not limited to:  further processing and manufacture into CBD oils and topicals. Topicals includes lotions and  balms and homeopathic salves applied to the skin. Industrial applications may include but are not limited to: the manufacture of CBD distilates, CBD concentrates and isolates,  including waxes,  crumbles,  shatter.  Further processing into suitable ingrediants for  vapourising liquids  and manufacture of solids is possible.   We invite parties to try our sample our products  via the online shop to assess the suitability of our products for your commercial or industrial needs. For the supply of  hemp flower in commercial and  industrial quantities,  please send us a message using our contact page.   Our hemp flower is grown in the EU from Cannabis varieties approved by the EU for cultivation and distribution within the EU.  Our products are not phsycoactive nor intoxicating nor supplied for purposes of intoxication. The combustion and inhalation of plant products may cause irritation to the body over longer periods of time.  At Loose Leaf we emphasise healthy lifestyle choices and mention our products are not sold for combustion and inhalation purposes.

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Flowers without THC

You will find some of Europe’s finest hemp. Right here! 

Welcome to our mouth watering selection of CBD flowers.  Big monster tubers, small delicious buds in all colors and sizes. Organically grown and eco friendly. 

Amazing buds

It’s not so easy to grow the good flowers, the ones that make your eyes shine a little brighter.

It takes extra care, extra time and a lot of extra love. When you see the quality of these buds up close, the pleasant fragrance, the crystals glittering inside,  we think you will agree –  it’s all here. 


Whatever it takes

We drive from one side of Europe to the other. We wait in the rain. We stand in the mud.  We do whatever we need to get the best flowers we possibly can. And when that job’s finished, we do it all again.

Welcome to Loose Leaf, it’s true we are a little obsessed by CBD!