Stardawg 10g – 35€


Budget Range

Stardawg and AK47 – grown in Italy,  processed in Switzerland  and sold in Germany –   true internationals.  These buds have a great structure and lots of good qualities but aren’t top shelf flowers.

Greenhouse grown under the warm Mediterranean sun,  the CBD content ranges from 6 – 10%.

Our plump little buds are versatile all rounders for either day or night time use.  With that said the AK might be more of a night-time variety and the Stardawg,   showing fuller Sativa qualities,  is a good day time strain.


Nice in the fingers,  fat and spongy with a good presence of crystal and a delicate pleasing fragrance.   They are organically grown and very clean.  The Stardawg is a little greener and the AK a little darker. The pictures show a nice structure,  without excess leaf or stick. Nice chubby little buds.

Great Cali style trim job,  tight with nicely exposed pistils in the green expanse of bud. Again these flowers are grown with minimal nutrient loading for higher purity.


Stardawg CBD Content:  6 – 9 %,  THC  < 0.2 % .

Grown in Italy from seed in the  European catalogue of approved hemp varieties.

These products do not contain THC.*

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Tested multiple times during the stages of production,  means  these flowers arrive to you  clean and fresh.   Organically grown,  free from contaminants: heavy metals,  pesticides and herbicides.  These  delicious buds are grown right here in Europe by specialist small scale farmers and Cannabis Cup winners.  Naturally high in CBD and low in THC.  Not chemically washed to lower THC values.


Orders are packed into bubble envelopes.  Bubble envelopes are our preferred method of packaging  as they move quickly through the postal system and fit directly into letterboxes.  Cardboard boxes  occasionally go missing.  Flower is put into small plastic bags (baggies) and not glass jars,  to minimise packaging.   Safe delivery is a priority,  packages are heat sealed,  discrete and unlabelled.


We generally ship orders the day it’s paid for.  For German deliveries we use Deutsch Post  ‘Prio’ or Deutsch Post ‘ Einschreiben’ which requires a signature .  Both have tracking numbers available. Larger orders are sent with GLS, Hermes or Deutsch Post.  Deliveries within Germany from 1 – 3 days in general.

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