Pakistan Red

Traditional Pakistan hash in its original form,  is a legendary cannabis resin.
Quietly processed in the tribal lands of Pakistan, away from  the authorities,   these pure cannabis resins created an insatiable demand worldwide.   Prepared for transport and wrapped in gold or red bandage,  these resins bid farewell to the war zones of tribal Pakistan,  and quietly entered the snow covered ports of Europe.

Soft Fruit

With a soft fruity fragrance and purposeful color this Pakistan styled legal CBD hash is satisfying on many levels. It has a high CBD rate at around at 35% and is for the people who prefer their CBD solids a little spicy.

Sunlight and Air

The flowers used to make this hash are grown under full sunlight,   the best way to grow hemp.  Occasionally,  when the sky is grey and  full of clouds,  artificial lighting  is used,  but this doesn’t happen often in hot Italian summers.  The constant source of light,  natural humidity and warm fresh air –  make fat and oily buds.

A little bit of  Extra Ripening

The little fatty buds aren’t harvested immediately,   they sit on the plant another week even though they are ready.  The buds get even fatter,  juicier and sweeter:  Perfect of course for hash.

Once the trichomes are  collected from the flowers,   they are slowly dried in stages,  one step at a time.  After the final drying is complete,  we are left with this dark potent hash,  a congealed mix of terpenes,  resins and trichomes.

Storeage:  Keep  CBD hash products stored at normal room temperatures ( 15 – 20 C ) somewhere dry and away from light.    Make sure they are wrapped in something air-proof and sealed in an an air-tight container or  they will dry out and loose quality.

Made in the EU from approved cannabis varieties ( Cannabis Sativa L) This solid is independently lab tested at 0.07 % THC and around 35% CBD. 

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Gentle reminder

CBD products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. CBD products are not medications.