Cali Haze

Pleasant buds with a nutty, fruity smell. These flowers are mixed in size, small, medium and large. The overall color is a dark green brown –  quite pleasant.

This is another flower which is part of our ‘ value’ range  – offering quality buds at an affordable price. These are good enough to be used on their own or mixed in with premium flowers. These are not top shelf flowers but the quality is high.

We ask that you try a small amount ( 2 or 5 grams) before placing a larger order.

50g orders are sent from Italy and take  5 – 7 days to arrive.



Cali Haze

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Italian organic greenhouse flower.

  • Try a small amount before placing a larger order.
  • Orders of 50g or above will be sent from Italy.
  • It can take a week or more to arrive.


Cannabis Sativa L. Does not contain THC *.  These varieties are approved for trading purposes within the EU.

* < 0.2 THC

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Weight 3 g

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