Our customers say…
    “I’m truly amazed, this is by far the best quality CBD flower I’ve had in Europe. Great buds, awesome smell, amazing taste. Packaging was also very discreet and smell-proof, you guys even sent me a free gram of Harlequin. I have a lot of friends that smoke CBD in Belgium so I’ll definitely send them to you guys!
    You guys actually have the first CBD that got away my stomach pain, as I have Crohn’s Disease. I think it’s finally a goodbye to the painkillers I normally have to take. Thank you so much for this quality!”

  • CBD Flowers

    Loose Leaf selects products from experienced growers located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All of the hemp flowers and pollens that we sell have been cultivated properly: quality soils, organic nutrients, small scale plantations. We believe in the power of simple herbs and sell products that have been processed as little as possible: CBD flowers, pollens and oils. We keep packaging down to a minimum and work with organic farmers.

  • CBD Oils

    We select super high quality Swiss CBD oils. These are full spectrum-oils, not CBD isolates mixed in another oil, which is what you will mostly find on the market. Why do we choose supercritical CO2 extraction? It creates the purest oils with no residue. Other extraction methods, like chemical and ethanol extraction, leave residues and destroy some of the active compounds in the hemp. Our products are pure and strong, so we recommend that you start off slowly!

    cbd oil
  • CBD Shake

    Looking for a less costly option, or a mixer for your flowers? “Shake” is the name for the broken up flowers and buds, left at the bottom of a jar once the larger flowers are removed. It doesn’t look as pretty as the larger flowers, so it’s sold at a cheaper price but in fact you get nice crystals and kief in the mix. Sometimes there is leaf and stick and lots of other wonderful blessings, but the CBD content is the same – so grab a bargain !

  • CBD Skincare

    Carefully infused with CBD-compounds, our skin care products are made for delightful everyday use. When applied topically on the skin, CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, it can help regulate sebum production and reduce redness and acne.

    image by skeyndor.oficial (CC0 1.0)

  • CBD for pets?

    Coming soon: special products for your beloved companions.