Der Laden ist für kurze Zeit geschlossen. Wir warten darauf, dass das CBD-Gesetz in Deutschland klar wird. Danke für Ihre Geduld. Schließen Sie


Here’s some more love from the Loose Leaf leaf team.  You can buy nice CBD mixed herbs at 2€/g.

Light, small and airy Italian buds. This bud is good but not top shelf, in terms of appearance and terpene profile both are a little flat.  These buds have been carefully grown using a technique of minimal nutrient loading which  means that no excess chemical is stored in the flower post harvest. If cleanliness and flower purity is important –  then this is a good product to try.

What’s inside? – Well  It’s another lucky dip. It’s mostly ground bud and small bud, everything’s possible however with occasional stick and occasional leaf.

This is a mix of crushed and smaller buds, not crushed hemp leaf.

  • Popular product  with a  good CBD content
  • Mixture  of various strains
  • Contents 1 x 10g

*Our products contain minimal to no THC and are not intoxicating. Amongst other things they are ideal for making iced teas in summer.

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