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Description : Vigorous indoor buds of all shapes and sizes: elongated, slender sativa flowers mixed with plump and rounded bulbs. Ripe red pistils, plenty of glassy trichomes – all cured beautifully. Heavy calyx development on these well matured buds showing occasional hints of purple colouring. Good bag appeal.

Smell : Complex scents in a delightful, robust blend: sharp citrus and softer notes of sorbet, crushed nuts and spices. Its lively scents quickly offer hints of citrus, which are just as quickly replaced by hints of nut. Elegant, powerful and pine-based with complex undertones.

We’ve added a few additional images to show the variety in bud shape and size. Heavy calyx development is a genetic trait of this phenotype. This flower is a hybrid with an indica dominance.

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All of our flowers are organic flowers. They are bursting with natural flavors and fragrances and are carefully processed to ensure delicate botanicals are not damaged. Unwanted plant substances are not chemically removed. These delicious buds are made by small organic cannabis farmers who pride themselves on producing some of the highest quality cannabis strains in Europe. Tested multiple times to ensure they are free of all toxins: heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. These buds are naturally high in CBD and low in THC.


Orders are packed in bubble envelopes. Bubble envelopes are our preferred method of packaging as they travel quickly through the postal system and fit right into mailboxes. Cartons can occasionally be lost. The flowers are placed in small plastic bags (pouches) rather than jars to minimize packaging. Safe delivery is a priority, packages are heat sealed, discreet and unlabeled.


We usually ship orders on the day of payment. For German deliveries, we use Deutsche Post „Prio“ or Deutsche Post „Registered“, which require a signature. Both have tracking numbers available. We ship larger orders with GLS, Hermes or Deutsche Post. Deliveries within Germany usually 1 – 3 days.

For more information on shipping and delivery, see the FAQ page.

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