How to Come Down from Too High

When is high too high.

It happens. Sometimes that cookie hits harder than expected or the last puff just tipped the scales, so what to do when and if this happens to you. Let’s remeber we are a CBD site, and our products aren’t intoxicating, but our closely related big brother THC, can get you high and will. That’s what he’s about.

How do you know when you are too high ?

There isn’t a light that goes on or a bell that rings when you’ve over indulged, so how do you know you are too stoned? Anxiety, panic attacks and the dreaded paranoia are good signs that you’re flying too high.   Everyone in the room is looking at you and everyone is talking about you right? Yep,  that’s too much of a good thing coming your way and it can be confronting.  Perspiring,  feeling confused and dazed. The room full of people aren’t talking about you of course, but that’s how it feels. A ge eral feeling of uncomfortableness that can be mild to overwhelming.

So what’s the way down when you’re  too high ? 

Put the bong away, or the joint, don’t have any more and exit the environment. If there’s still smoke floating in the air it can prolong the effects of being stoned just staying in the room.  I know people who go into a room where people are smoking weed and come out stoned – they didn’t smoke anything but still feel stoned, hard to understand why, but that’s what they say. If it’s a cookie that just kicked in,   it can be intense and last a long time ,  so  be prepared. 

Edibles can be Surprising – Go Slow.

Be careful with edibles especially if you have made them yourself.  They can be surprisingly strong.  When you are baking get your measurements right,   don’t add more than the recipe calls for, don’t add a bit extra weed to make sure it does the job, add less rather than more is always a good rule.  It’s the home made cookies and cake that can be unpredictable. The effects from edibles can take a long time to kick in, so be patient and don’t have an extra cookie or two because they haven’t worked. 

No more joints no more cookies,  and we’ve left the room for some fresh air and a change of environment. Take your best buddy,  don’t be alone.   If you can be with someone it will be reassuring and comforting for you and an extra level of safety. Having someone to talk with keeps the mind occupied and a trouble shared is a trouble halved. 

Keep Calm and Take a Walk

Take a deep breath and remember,  nothing lasts forever,  don’t let your mind run away,  it will pass.   Think about a calm place and tell yourself in 30 minutes it’s all going to be different – because it will be. Get the mind calm and take a walk around the neighbourhood with a friend and talk.  If you are feeling anxious,   talk about feeling anxious,   if you are feeling confused,  then talk about feeling confused. Talking about how you feel keeps your mind occupied on something else, stops it fixating on the whats happening and helps the mind to become calm. 

Walking around in the fresh air gets the blood circulating through the body and this helps to break down the THC more quickly. And that’s what we are trying to do. Have the body process the THC expell it from the system and get things back to normal.

Burger Bar Visit

Hit the burger bar and get a mouth full of deep fried anything. Or hit the fridge back at the house and eat something amazing,  chances are you might want to do that anyway. It’s hard  work for the body to digest  food and this hard work helps break down the THC more quickly.  Being busy and focused on doing something, distracts the mind and stops it fixating.

People say chewing peppercorns has helped,  well ok. Never tried it but who knows.  Perhaps it’s the shock of the pungent pepper taste,  distracting the mind.  People say sucking  a lemon has also helped,    well……. who knows, but why not.

CBD is Great

An overstone is helped by using high CBD products.  Might seem a strange to have more cannabis when you are high but CBD will help. Again keep things moderate. Don’t gobble down a litre of high strength CBD oil,  everything in moderation is a good motto.

Importantly keep a calm,   be with people you trust,  and remember it will pass. And it does. What seems traumatic now will slowly fade and become just a memory. If you can find a quiet warm place to sleep,  this can be a great help. Even a quick sleep of 10 or 20 minutes can really help. Ideally sleeping fully until the effects of the THC has worn off is the best thing.

It’s these experiences which can turn some people off Weed indefinitely, but not everyone.  So use this experience to learn,  next time you light up,  or bake those cookies,  have a bit less.

How to Come Down from Too High

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