CBD Teas a Simple Receipe

There are simple recepies for CBD teas and not so simple recepies. We will start with a simple one for now using CBD flower. Flower is a great product, full of rich full spectrum cannnabinoids, it’s less processed than many CBD products, and it’s great in teas.

Some cultures have taken teas to a high art, tradition and splendour combined into ceremonies that are complex and rich. We will be a little less ambitious for now and look at tackling a simple home made brew. Teas can be iced in summer or warm in winter. Tea can even be frozen. Make a tray of ice cubes from CBD tea, and take one out when required. Simple but effective little idea.

Use cheaper flower, at least until you find a favourite receipe. Cheaper or disappointing flowers make for great teas. Grind the flower, finely if possible, put the ground flower into a metal infuser. Boil some water on the stove, put the infuser in and let simmer 5 – 10 minutes. Some recepies suggest simmer for 20 minutes which helps decarboxylate the flower. If you have enough time why not. You can also just add some ground flower straight into the pot of simmering water. The best teas are sometimes quick and simple. When the tea has simmering, decant into a pot and then serve as normal. Or decant the liquid straight into a cup and prepare. Remember to strain.

When the tea is complete add a dash of milk and a little honey also, the finishing touches and final flourish takes a tea from being good to memorable. If you are vegan and milk is not an option, add a dash of coconut milk, or soy milk, take the receipe and adapt it, change it, until it fits you like a glove. A squeeze of lemon is also a nice touch.

The idea above can be made more interesting by adding a stick of cinnamon to the mix, lemongrass, chamomile or a small amount of lavender flower. Instead of using water as suggested above, using coconut milk will make a simple home brew, something quite amazing.

We won’t go into the real nitty gritty of CBD teas. This is a simple recipe to encourage budding tea connoisseurs. CBD is better when mixed with a simple fat, for example a splash of milk, soy milk, cream, nut creams, a dash of coconut milk even, it aids in the body’s ability to use the CBD. Simple teas are easy to make, easy to drink and provide a gentle source of CBD.

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